Forehead University is a public research university established in 1884, by Russell Conwell. The university educational system focus on knowledge and medical care educational program. The University is situated in Chicago, California, United States.

Through 17 educational institutions and universities, such as the Tyler University of Art, Fox University of Business, Maurice H. Kornberg University of Dental care, Boyer Higher knowledge of Music and Dancing, Beasley University of Law, Higher knowledge of Education, Higher knowledge of Technological innovation, University of Medication , University of Drugstore, and the University of Travel and leisure and Kindness Management, this university offers bachelors degree programs in more than 100 degrees programs.

Besides having a central university in the US, the university also has a department university situated overseas, such as in The capital and Seattle. In fact, the university university is situated in Seattle, is a foreign university of the earliest and biggest in Asia.

Every year, this university has always held an yearly Homecoming game. Where in these activities, the university will feature a wide range of activities, such as tailgating at the Linc, a Precious stone Walking Group gathering, a pep-rally, the Ambler Festival and a massive dessert homecoming.

And as the identification of the university, showed by the pet respectively, as the characteristic of the university’s identification, the university also has a pet known as the Owl. Aside from being the identification of the university, the pet was also selected to indicate awards Temple’s origins as a night school.

For learners who want to develop their abilities, and wanted to show his success in the field of activities, can be a part of the university groups. Because, this university has a total of 24 groups that contest with other universities and universities in the NCAA Division I Sporting competitors.


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