School of Southeast Ms is a public analysis university located in Hattiesburg, in the state’s Maple Belt, Ms, United States. At the time of its beginning in 1910, the School of Southeast Ms as an excellent that only provide knowledge for instructors. According to the Carnegie Foundation, the School of Southeast Ms is classified as a analysis university with a very advanced level.

This university has been expanding as well and until now has six universities. Through these universities, including the Higher knowledge of Business, Higher knowledge of Health, Higher knowledge of Nursing, Higher knowledge of Science and Technology, Staff of Arts and Letters, and the Staff of Education and Mindset, School of Southeast Ms offers more than 180 degree programs in a wide range of degrees courses .

In inclusion to educational actions, there are some non-academic actions are often organized by associates of the university, one of which is the walking group, the club at the same time non-academic actions that became the pride of the university associates. Marching group is already there and started in 1923. Moreover, there are also actions that also is one of the existing custom at this university. Before the first home football game call now year, the newcomer class efforts to the make its mark on university by covering Large eagle Walk with gold paint.

Many celebrities in the world are graduates of the School of Southeast Ms. One of their most popular is a singer-songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, who completed from college in 1969.

From the field of activities, the university also provides a wide range of facilities and facilities so that students can join to develop talent and demonstrated success in activities. Sports team of School of Southeast Ms, known as the pet, nicknamed the Golden Large eagle, contend in NCAA Department I sporting, competition intercollegiate.


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