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School of North Wi is a public university situated in Forest Drops, Wi, U. s. Declares. This organization was established from the organization of an orphanage in 1866, to provide the children removed by the Municipal War. Then in 1876, the organization transformed into the Wi State Regular School, which provides to offer training for instructors. Until such time as, in 1976 modified again to the School of North Wi, as we know it today.

Through five universities which include business, knowledge, social and behavior sciences, humanities, artistry and sciences, as well as the Graduate student College, School of North Wi offers more than 90 levels research with various levels in it, which range from bachelors level, masters, to doctoral.

In addition to offering educational actions in the university university, the School of North Wi also offer features to learners who succeed to get a research overseas system. In fact, a research overseas system provided by this university is one of the best research overseas system in this country.

There is a developing on the university of this university, the School of North Wi Campanile, a gong structure has a size of about a 324-foot. Where the developing is the main place for university custom called Campaniling. In this custom, the learners will collect at night in the moonlight to give smooches to their old fan respectively or their new associates.


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