School of Massachusetts-Lowell, or known by UMass Lowell, is a community analysis university located in Lowell, Birkenstock boston, USA. The School was recognized by the consolidating between Lowell Situation and Lowell Technological in 1975, and back to the growth of the exclusive organizations, the late-19th century Frequent School and Lowell Lowell Material School. School of Massachusetts-Lowell is aspect of the School of Birkenstock boston system.

Through college and college, such as Manning School of Business, Greater knowledge of Health Sciences, School of Criminology and Privileges Research, Francis Greater knowledge of Technology, and the Greater knowledge of Outstanding Art, Humanities and Public Sciences, UMass Lowell provides more than 120 basic, 39 experts , and 33 doctoral level programs. With its main focus the learners offering experiential, “hands on” learning at a cost-effective price.

In addition to getting a variety of actions and academic programs, learners can also be a aspect of and get engaged in university college student organizations and organizations have also been provided by the university, such as Historical Life and the Big Seven, a important company that get immediate funding from the university college student activity fee.

As one of the best universities in The america, UMass Lowell also has provided many learners of the best in their particular places, such as well-known among those who are Olympic silver medalist Rowing Females, Shelagh Donohoe, Us president and designer of Information Common Company, Edson de Castro, and the Chancellor and former Situation Affiliate, Marty Meehan.

Of non-academic actions, especially actions, UMass Lowell actions team, with the pet Rowdy known as the Flow Hawk, lately finalized up with the NCAA Division I during the fall of 2013. Where the manage given during the transformation period from the School of Lowell to UMass Lowell and also because inspired by the appeal of the Merrimack Flow along the university place.


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