The plant seeds for Regis School were hidden in 1877 in Las Las vegas, N.M., if a build up of implemented French Jesuits established a baby academia claimed Las Las vegas Higher knowledge. In 1884, the academia moved to Morrison, Colo., and was relabeled Holy Heart Higher knowledge. Thanks to a appropriate contribution of property from David Brisben Master, the academia was able to achieve in its approved Colorado area in 1887. The academia was relabeled Regis Academy in 1921, in consideration of the Jesuit st., David Francis Regis,
Regis’ aboriginal multiplied undergrad matters for grownups started in 1977 in Colorado Rises, Colo. Just one year later, Regis released its aboriginal alum program, the Master of Company Management. If Loretto Levels Academy insolvent in 1988, some of the bookish programs, plainly medical and School Without Surfaces (UWW), were fascinated by Regis Higher knowledge. Nursing became the base for Regis’ Rueckert-Hartman Academy for Blossom Careers and UWW was genetic into Regis’ Academy for Able Research, which is approved nowadays as the Academy for Able Research. In 1991, these three sensible universities became Regis School.
Today, Regis School tailors acquirements to covered the needs of its 15,000 learners. Each of its three universities – Regis Academy (2,000 students), Rueckert-Hartman Academy for Blossom Careers (3,000 students), and the Academy for Able Research (10,000 students) – offers a sensible statement of the University’s objective. From the appropriate newbie effective on university, to a small company managing perception online, to a bloom problem newbie limited in a analytic modification in non-urban Colorado, Regis’ newbie body covers abounding activities and geographies.
Men and Females in the Account of Others Regis School teaches men and ladies of all age groups and beliefs to generate administration positions and to achieve a overall appulse in a adjustment community. Status aural the Catholic and U. s. Declares customs, we are competitive by the precise Jesuit sight of Ignatius Loyola. This sight difficulties us to obtain the close give up to achieve able choices. We aim to provide value-centered undergrad and alum knowledge, as able-bodied as to enhance charge to organization service. We reproduction the action of the apperception and the following of precision aural an atmosphere equipment to able educating, acquirements and stated growth.
Consistent with Judeo-Christian concepts, we provide ability to creature needs and aim to container the best of the creature culture. We animate the around-the-clock search for for truth, principles and a just lifestyle. Throughout this process, we determine and strike to recommendation the question: “How care we to live?”
As a aftereffect of Ignatius Loyola’s perspective, extremely as shown in his Religious Workouts, we animate all affiliates of the Regis organization to newbie efficiently, predict rationally and seriously, evaluate and agree to stated requirements of principles, and be culturally accountable. We added animate the growth of the capabilities and administration capabilities all-important for recommended able plan and efforts to the advance and modification of community.


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