Hawaiian School is a private university established in tahun1849. At the time of its beginning, the university is to offer knowledge for Modifies name Pathway orphans and Native American children. The School has several additional grounds situated in Hillsboro, Eugene and Woodburn. As for the central university is situated in Woodlands Grove, Modifies name, United States.

Currently, through the school, including the Higher knowledge of Artistry & Sciences, Higher knowledge of Education, Higher knowledge of Optometry, Higher knowledge of Health Careers, and Higher knowledge of Business, the university provides 74 undergrad, graduate and professional applications, with a wide range of degrees applications. And according to the student information section, nearly 99% of learners are learning in the Higher knowledge of Artistry & Sciences, obtain financial aid from the university.

In inclusion to learning at an excellent university, learners can also participate in a research overseas system that has been provided by the university. Where to succeed in the research system, the university has been participating with 11 countries around the world. Study overseas system that provides about 26 applications.

Due to the location of the university locations that have areas of organic landscape, and can be used as outside actions for learners, the university also has to offer and prepare for the organic places for a wide range of outside actions that can be used by learners, such as applications on climbing, sea windsurfing and surfing.

In 2007, the university was granted through one of the structures, which Burlingham Area Became the West Coast’s first gold-rated LEED-certified residential developing. Moreover, other structures on this university, the Old Higher knowledge Area, which is the center of the university university, is the longest-standing educational developing in the western US And now, the university is making a new developing is planned to be used as a new residence hall .

From the field of actions, learners can develop their abilities and demonstrate accomplishment by joining the university groups. Because, with the pet, known as the Fighters, the university’s groups contest with other colleges in the NCAA Department III sporting competition.


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