The Start School gives awesome separating determining how to all and provides programs at all stages.

Why Start University?

The Start School (OU) is a separating studying higher education that provides around 600 programs.

For most programs, understudies don’t have to hassle with any previous abilities.

Situated in humming Camden City, the OU in London, uk has 100 employees and 850 low servicing guides assisting 18,000 community understudies by phone, e-mail and through workouts at 22 research concentrates over the investment. Staff give convenient help, custom-made to the needs of every personal understudy and his or her area of research.

The OU out-performed all different universities to be most raised evaluated in common understudy satisfaction in the Nationwide College student Study 2012, recognizing a common satisfaction amount of 93 every cent from understudies in the UK.

OU abilities are recognized and considered by supervisors for their awesome and the commitment it requires to get one.

Worldwide Learners

Wherever you are on the globe, you may have the potential to research straight with the OU. As one of the world’s greatest universities, the OU has more than 50,000 overseas understudies.

The school’s open entry agreement creates basic research available to all, spending little pay attention to to your scholastic base.

More segments are available anywhere on the globe. All research components and academic cost are available on the web, and you can existing your projects digitally.

The London, uk regional concentrate offers understudies with preen try assistance and route, and furthermore on-course student support. This may integrate vis-à-vis work out events.

What Learners Say:

“Concentrating on with The Start School is to be able to research with an company that is consisting around separating students and not one that meets separating students – you can feel the difference in the level of help you get, the resources and the understanding that OU employees have of your needs and what you’re experience


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