Ohio Northern University is a private exploration college, which was established by Henry Solomon Lehr in 1871. This college is situated in Ada, Ohio, United States.


College has five universities that offer a mixture of projects of study. Known for its solid drug store programs, around 28% of understudies are Enrolled in the College of Pharmacy Raab. The school is one of the few to offer a “0-6″ project, roomates Allows understudies to enter drug store school promptly in the wake of moving on from secondary school. Audits These understudies can win a Pharm.D. in 12 semesters.


It is assessed there are more than 200 understudies enlisted in this college under a worldwide understudy visa. Furthermore, for understudies who need to seek after in the years 2014-2015 learned at Ohio Northern University, the college will give rebates of up to 20-25%.

Alongside the advancement and requests of the times, and to the feasibility and supportability for the college, the college is currently the center of introducing three wind turbines with a force of 400 kilowatts. The college trusts, with the task, has the capacity give extra energy to 5-10% of the power college.


Notwithstanding contemplating in this college, understudies can likewise join more than 200 understudy associations under the sponsorship of the college, including the four crews and five sororities.


With the mascot, Klondike, a polar bear, the college games groups rival different members in the opposition the Ohio Athletic Conference (NCAA Division III).


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