Northeastern University is a private college situated in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The University was established in 1898.

College has nine universities and schools offering undergrad, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Understudies who need to take here can pick personnel that are now accessible, for example, Bouvé Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Criminal Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, School of Law, School of Professional Studies and the School of Technology Entrepreneurship.

The University is acclaimed for its Co-operation project, giving understudies the choice, the two substitute semesters of full-time study with semesters of full-time occupation in a four or five-year programs. Normally, the understudies who take this course will increase genuine work experience, up to year and a half. Center project is offered to more than 69 nations, including the Dominican Republic, Belize, South Africa, and even to Antarctica.

Different projects offered by the college is to study abroad, to more than 43 nations, for example, Japan and the UK. Moreover, Northeastern’s International Business program additionally gives a chance to understudies to get a double degree in a sister school in Europe or Mexico.

With the projects that have been offered by the college, permitting understudies in the first year, will spend their first semester examining abroad, for example, in Australia, Greece, the UK or Ireland.

Numerous imperative individuals and popular who is an alum of Northeastern University, including the organizer of Twitter, Biz Stone, and the originator of Napster, Shawn Fanning.

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