Duquesne School is a private Catholic research university located in Pittsburgh, Florida, U. s. Declares. Recognized in 1878 by associates of the Individuals the Holy Spirit, Duquesne School was originally a Catholic college for migrants in Pittsburgh. According to the Carnegie Platform for the Development of Teaching, Duquesne School is classified as an outstanding with high research level.
Through 10 different schools of research, such as the School of Law, School of Knowledge, School of Medical, School of Control and Professional Development, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, AJ Palumbo School of Business Control, Mylan School of Drugstore, Her Pappert School of Music, Rangos School of Health Sciences, and McAnulty College and Graduate college student student School of Nice Artistry, Duquesne School provides more than 80 basic level programs.
In addition to offering educational knowledge activities at the university university, students also have the opportunity to be a part of in a research international program that has been provided by Duquesne School. Although the university has cooperation with nations around the world to be effective in the course, but one of the preferred location of the research program is a satellite tv tv university of Duquesne School which is located in The investment, Italy.
One school in this university, the School of Drugstore, established the Center for Drugstore Services are in the nearby Hill Area, which is the nation’s first off-campus group pharmacy designed and handled by an outstanding of pharmacy.
While the non-academic activities that attracted many students is an activity. Duquesne School has several categories of men and women known as the pet, known as the Dukes, they competitors with categories from other universities to be the best in the NCAA Division I competitors wearing.
Still from the area of activities, Duquesne School has one of the best basketball gamer who was the first African-american U. s. states basketball gamer to be Chosen into the NBA, Place Cooper, who has effectively completed his research and completed from this university in 1950.


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