Drury University was established in 1873 by the ministers of the Congregation. The college is also called The Panthers. That is on account of Drury University games groups, in particular The Phanters, has numerous accomplishments in sports and won the national title in the game of swimming and making the plunge 2009, 2010, and 2011 moreover, the college partook in the opposition berpartisipsi NCAA Division II .

And also the Panthers, University Druri additionally well known for its trees. There were pretty nearly 800 trees that beautify the grounds. Furthermore, in view of the trees, Drexel University got an endorsement of thankfulness from the administration, the American Tree Farm.

In 2011, there was one tree in the college who praises birthday-100.

One of the individuals who have an imperative part in Drury University is Bob Barker. Where in 2008, Bob Barker has given trusts of $ 1 million to make the Bob Barker Endowment, which is utilized for the Study of Animal Rights.


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