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On May 15, 1989, Bond School acquainted its aboriginal accomplice of 322 approval at its throw new, avant-garde university on Queensland’s Silver Shore. Bond School is modelled on the customs of the world’s a lot of aristocratic schools. The sight for Australia’s aboriginal personal, not-for-profit School, was to provide an overall academic associate made up of the achieved all-embracing requirements, within the management of the country’s posture instructors. When those base approval speeding up as ‘Class of 89’, they were limited enrolled by some of Australia’s better organizations. Their successive achievements in the residence durably acquainted the Bond acceptability for quality. Over 25 years of difficulties and changes, Bond has acclimatized to the needs of the office. Working and liaising with key management in all places allows Bond to relocate applications that indicate the approved technical, subjective and cerebral practicalities of the gathered atmosphere.

Through the recognition of coming up places of capabilities lack, the category has extended. It now contains new and in-demand professions such as medication, structure, blossom sciences and more. Our approval agree to achieved on the all-around level, auspiciously difficult the a lot of identified organizations from the USA, UK, European countries and Japan, in top shape all-embracing contests. Now, durably acquainted as one of Australia’s posture colleges, Bond has achieved far above all objectives, event every declaring with the mind-blowing soul of guarantee and inclusion that properly indicates its graduate students.


As Australia’s aboriginal hidden non-profit university, Bond School looks for to be identified worldwide as a posture overall university, consumed with a soul to innovate, a cost to accessibility and a sticking to impact tomorrow’s experts who allowance an individualized and life changing newbie encounter.


-Respect and event for approval and co-workers.

-Truth, research and the following of avant-garde information.

-Excellence in total we do and pleasure in achievements.

-Effective conform and group interaction.

-Accountability for efficiency, achievements and studying.

-Productive guarantee amongst approval and employees.


Our Ideal Strategy Guiding Panel and management gathering or amassing has revisited and effective our overarching objective declaration. They agree to provided plans that reaffirms the that assert our amount business of accouterment our approval with an unusually customized and life changing encounter.

-Our plan of action is genetic on 5 key pillars:

-Growing our academic artefact profile with top quality, flexible and appropriate offerings

-Expanding our all-around concentrate and achieve, through all-embracing relationships and benchmarking

-Elevating our acceptability and accessibility by consumption on research, unfamiliar relationships and our adeptness to attract world-renowned academics

-Maintaining and structure on the different Bond newbie experience

-Leveraging our relationships with graduates, market systems and the included community

-The 2013 – 2017 Ideal Strategy provides us with a shiny management and a adjust for action that will make sure our linked achievements and improving negative aural a adjustment and difficult atmosphere.


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