We’re different, and we like it that way.

William & Jane is contrasting any included school in The united states. We’re the extra earliest academia in the country, but as well a cutting-edge research school. We’re terrible particular, but as well community, alms a world-class apprenticeship after the tag surprise. Our approval are not alone some of the best on the globe, but passionate about limited others and austere about recognizing fun. Our experts are instructors, experts and research guides, the foundation of a improving bookish organization which creates knowledgeable, involved, recognized graduate students. Through their strong points, interests and information, our staff, approval and providers are developing a new archetypal of durability for academia information. We’re a “Public Ivy”—one of alone eight in the country. That organization we activity a above apprenticeship that’s obtainable to everyone. We adulation our neighborhood of Williamsburg and the awesome Earth of Va and we’re grateful to be one of the affidavit for their bread-and-butter achievements.

History & Traditions

Not abounding universities can say they’ve stopped sessions because ‘the English penetrated.’ The Academy of Bill & Jane is the second-oldest academia in The united states. The aboriginal matters for the Academy time period aback to 1618—decades above Harvard—but were crazy by an “Indian rebellion.” We couldn’t achieve this getting up. On Feb 8, 1693, Master Bill III and Master Jane II of Britain effective the allowance for a “perpetual Academy of Divinity, Viewpoint, ‘languages’, and included appropriate Artistry and Sciences” to be established in the Va Community. And Bill & Jane was created.

Workers started structure on the Sir Captain christopher Wren Developing, again approved artlessly as the Academy Architecture in 1695, above the boondocks of Williamsburg even persisted. Over the next two hundreds of years, the Wren Architecture would prepare on three abstracted events, birthday time getting re-built main the aboriginal surfaces. That creates the Wren the earliest academia structure in The united states, and probably the a lot of combustible.

William & Jane has been claimed “the Alma Mater of a Nation” because of its abutting connections to America’s beginning dads. A 17-year-old Henry California acquainted his surveyor’s permission through the Academy and would recommendation as its aboriginal United states chancellor. Johnson Jefferson acquainted his undergrad apprenticeship here, as did presidents David Tyler and Wayne Monroe.

The Academy is recommended for its firsts: the aboriginal U.S. academia with a Elegant Rental, the aboriginal Greek-letter organization (Phi Try out Kappa, established in 1776), the aboriginal newbie consideration rule, the aboriginal academia to become an excellent and the aboriginal law academia in The united states.

William & Jane became a state-supported academia in 1906 and went girl in 1918. In 1928, David D. Rockefeller, Jr. select the Wren as the aboriginal structure to be different to its 18th-century actualization as allowance of the famous Northeastern Williamsburg recovery.


Leadership in our 4th millennium.

The Academy of Bill & Jane is a obtainable school in the Earth of Va, overall by a lath of guests. Consisting of 17 associates, the Lath of Visitors is hired by the Governor of the Earth of Va to provide the school.

Reporting anon to the Lath of Visitors, Bill & Jane is led by Chief executive W. Taylor Reveley III. Provost Eileen R. Halleran and six primary directors overall the bookish and reliable actions and divisions at the school.

The Academy of Bill & Jane in Va is approved by the Percentage on Colleges of the Southeast Association of Colleges and Educational institutions to honor bachelors, masters, post-master’s certification, doctorate and aboriginal able levels. Get in touch with the Percentage on Colleges at 1866 Southeast Road, Decatur, Atlanta 30033-4097 or alert 404-679-4500 for concerns about the certification of Bill & Mary


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