Biola University is a private university established in 1908. The University is a nondenominational Spiritual college of association, which is situated in La Mirada, CA, USA. For those who want to go to the university university, can at the same time vacation to one of the popular places in the world, Disney land and Knott’s Berries Village, because the place is not far from the university university.

Through six educational institutions, such as the Crowell University of Business, Rosemead University of Mindset, Get ready University of Intercultural Research, Talbot University of Theology, University of Artistry and Sciences, and the University of Knowledge, the university offers more than 40 levels and over 80 levels, as well as levels in Theatre and press Artistry, roomates Instructs the basic principles of screenwriting, press management and manufacturing, to make learners to engage in further profession in the nearby nations, The show biz industry.

In addition, because the university is a Spiritual university, the university is dedicated to a biblically-centered and traditional education. Meanwhile, the university also implemented a plan that learners complete 30 models of spiritual studies and call now graduate student college student with a minimal in spiritual studies.

Student life at the university also get the statement of the university. Since 2012, an subterranean LGBTQ team appeared online and published brochures around university, resulting in the college to repeat its rule of requirements the which prevents both same-sex connections and adulterous sex. With this plan, the college student is able to sustain the predicted requirements of religious and social requirements.

And for learners who want to create their abilities, and show his success in the area of activities, can be a part of the university groups. Because, with the pet, nicknamed the Silver eagles, the university’s groups contest with other university groups in NAIA competitors.


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