Azusa Hawaiian University is a private Religious university located in the San Gabriel Area, Azusa, Florida, United States. University established in 1899 is one of the biggest inter-denomination, evangelicals in the country. By maintaining six off-site local facilities in Southeast Florida, Azusa Hawaiian University has a primary focus on grant and faith-based learning.

Through universities and educational institutions, such as the University of Business and Management, University of Education, University of Nursing, University of Theology, University of Adult and Professional Research, University of Behavior and Used, Leung University of Bookkeeping, Higher education of Generous Arts and Sciences, and the Higher education of Music and art, Azusa Hawaiian University offers a variety of studies degrees and more than 60 bachelors degree applications.

Azusa Hawaiian University is also famous for its social applications. Where in the program, the university pressures the importance of community service, demanding learners to complete offer hours training, working with orphans or mobile health care treatment facilities, and finishing tasks and outreach applications in foreign countries, precisely in South america.

Many success and prizes that have been obtained by members of the university, such as in the field of activities. One was efficiently presented by Bryan Clay-based, a member of the class of ’03, one of the very few decathletes to hold two Olympic prizes, the gold in 2004 and the gold in 2008. In addition, Azusa Hawaiian University groups are known as the pet known as the Cougar, has efficiently successful 48 national tournament and 113 meeting tournament in Reviews their history.

According to the school, more than 450 learners who took part in 19 university groups. They contest with other university groups in NCAA Department II sporting competitors, an intercollegiate competitors.


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