Aarhus School is a younger higher education, present day made in 1928. It has become a primary open discovery higher education with a globally success study covers the whole range.

Why Aarhus University?

100 School Top

Aarhus School is effectively placed as one of the primary universities on the globe – such is analyzed as number 51 by the top marking positions 2012 Leiden.

Examination based training

Educating at the School of Aarhus done by powerful researchers. Connection and discussion in the middle of instructors and understudies as vital to the studying background.

A globe innovator in the nationwide innovative education and studying

Denmark analyzed as one of the five driving nationwide providers of innovative education and studying positions 21 2012 School.

Projects in British

Aarhus School provides 67 complete tasks in British as a first and second degree. Moreover all doctorate tasks in British.

Worldwide School

More than 10 % of understudies Aarhus School are globally, speaking to more than 100 countries.

Worldwide understudies are extremely satisfied

91 % of globally understudies were satisfied or more satisfied by their general studying knowledge cosmic units. 85 % represented the support and route from the Worldwide Middle as great or impressive.

Administration and professional route

Arrangement Worldwide Middle provides a complete actuation and presentation, and therefore support and professional route all through your time at AU.

Free career exhortation and career financial institution

AU provides 100 % free career guiding and career financial institution for understudies and completed class totally without any global professional.

Without a question, beyond any question, worth

Denmark is generally referred to as a stand apart amongst the most liveable places on the globe. It has the most elevated amount of pay discrepancy, as per the OEC


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